How to Get the Most out of Your Asphalt Sealing Project!


Asphalt Sealing Provides Your Commercial Property with a Clean, Crisp, and Professional Image!


Curb appeal– It provides the opportunity for premium pricing of any commercial property service, and an exceptional valuation. In the property management game, we’ve found asphalt sealing to be one of those ‘no brainers’ that score high marks for ROI on both the functional maintenance and curb appeal/branding scales. Of course it’s easy to recommend a service that we are very familiar with it, so for those who are not, we’ve done the leg work to help you prepare a business case for your own property.

Investment Rationale:

  1. Having asphalt sealant applied every two to three years on average reduces the life cycle cost of your property’s pavement surfaces by about 50 per cent and it is a relatively low cost cash flow budget item. The better you protect the surface of the asphalt, the less cracks will appear and the less erosion there will be.
  2. A clean, crisp and professional exterior improves the general impression of any business, organization or tenant and it supports an elevated branding and pricing opportunity. The better impression others get of you, the more likely they are to want to use your services.

Costs of Not Investing in Pavement Sealing:

  1. Top layers will dry out, become grey in colour, and resemble the look of an old elephant’s hide. The surface of the asphalt becomes brittle, loose, cracked and eventually sunken or undulated in spots. The surface detracts from any positive impressions that buildings or structures on the property may possibly provide.
  2. Repair costs rise exponentially as the neglected life cycle of the pavement extends in years. The less maintenance you do, the more problems will arise, and the more costly the repairs will be in the end. Reconstruction is a hefty bill, and also disrupts your business while the project is being completed.
  3. General personal and property liability potential grows significantly without proper maintenance for parking lots, driveways, access routes, or private roads.

How to Maximize Your Return on the Investment

It’s always about timing, so show off the new property look, by planning your pavement sealing project in conjunction with any of these special events:

  1. Hold an Open House
  2. "Number of Years in Business” Celebration
  3. New Product or Service Showcase
  4. Photo Shoot for Company Marketing Materials or Website Images
  5. Tenant Appreciation Day
  6. Invite a Local Cause or Charity to Promote at your Facility for a Day

Challenge your staff to think out of the box creatively. The key is to benefit as much as you can from an already wise business decision. Once you have gone through this exercise with staff, it’s likely they will have uncovered some amazing ideas that you had never considered before.

How to Minimize Risk and Cost

Search your area for pavement solution providers, and learn who has the industry’s leading service guarantee. Even if they are not your first choice, use that factor for negotiating leverage. After doing your research and settling on a short list of vendors, consider asking your local business neighbours if they are interested in the same services, and use that as a referral opportunity while discussing with your final three vendor candidates.

By this point in the process, if the final decision requires approval of another stakeholder, present your complete findings with confidence. After all, asphalt sealing is one of those rare business cases that read as a win/win...

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